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School Safety Webinar- Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions to Support Your School Safety Plan

Watch this impactful webinar as we breakdown all the essential components of a holistic cloud-based safety technology solution and how they work together to provide the added security schools require today. 

Watch this 35-minute webinar to learn about this integrated technology solution:

  • Paging with Singlewire mass notification solution for fast, intrusive audio and visual alerts
  • Administrative master paging station to easily launch pre-programmed alerts, even when cloud connectivity is lost
  • Visitor management systems to minimize entrance of unauthorized people
  • Phone integration with Cisco Cloud Calling or other phone systems
  • Integrated notification devices including trigger devices, alerts, notification endpoints, and how they integrate with existing phones, speakers, and other school equipment
  • Security cameras with AI to quickly detect individuals in restricted areas
  • Physical security solutions including access control, alarms, environmental sensors and how they fit into your school safety plan
  • Complimentary pre-sales design support, procurement vehicles and other services to help implement this school safety technology solution

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