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AMS.NET and SPURR Procurement Webinar

September 28, 2023 10:00am-10:30am

Save valuable time and resources by leveraging the SPURR Master Contract to procure technology. Join this brief webinar to learn more about why and how to use the SPURR Master Contract.

  • Quickly procure essential technology at discounted prices
  • Use the SPURR RFP to save time and money
  • AMS.NET is an Awarded SPURR vendor for Networking and Wireless Solutions
  • Learn how to use this Procurement Contract for your organization

September 28, 2023, 10:00am-10:30am

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Delivering positive business outcomes- AMS.NET is an innovative technology solution provider delivering business outcomes to organizations for more than 30 years. Our industry expertise, technology vision and people create a unique customer experience. For more information, visit www.ams.net.

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